Technical expertise when you need it

Process problems?  Nagging defects that won't go away? Need to qualify a new material but don't know where to start?  New engineers need process training?  Setting up machine qualifications?  Need a reference to a specialist in a certain field?  Need temporary help setting up new lines or processes?  Call Chrys, and rely on her knowledge and experience for short-term help to get you to your technical and operational goals.

Marcom expertise when you need it

Customers range in size from small, independent distributors to large, multinational OEMs. Some retain services on a regular basis; others call when they've got new projects or projects that need extra technical or marketing support.

Singular focus produces unparalleled results

The biggest factor in Shea Engineering Services' success is Chrys' ability to focus solely on one customer project at a time. Because Chrys prioritizes her existing clients and does not outsource, lead times on new customer projects may run 30 days or longer. We welcome new business but ask that you contact us to discuss potential projects with adequate advanced notice to secure a schedule slot.

Customer Testimonials

Read how Chrys' customers describe her contributions to their businesses:

“Chrys Shea is irresistible! And she is not just an entertainer (although I consider that one of her best qualities!); she is an educator.  And while most of her articles are technical, they still appeal to many different people.  Our readership grew from 2000 to 10,000 in our first month of working together.  Chrys is creative, reliable and understands our technology.  She is the best outsourced marketing money can afford.” 

- Marissa Oskarsen, President, e-Tech Sales

“I have known Chrys Shea for over 15 years as both a colleague and a customer.  We have common experience working for Cookson Electronics and we have collaborated on a number of projects.  As a consultant, Chrys is top-notch.  She is able to blend a unique combination of hands-on, real world expertise with a thorough understanding of the theoretical concepts that often provide answers to difficult production challenges.  In addition, Chrys is a responsive and clear communicator.  I can enthusiastically endorse Chrys as one of the industry's best problem solvers.” 

- Keith Favre, FHP Reps

“Chrys’ in-depth knowledge of circuit assembly processes, her unique customer perspective and her superior communication skills make her one of my company’s best resources.  She’s been successfully helping me for reach my customers for over four years.” 

- Matt Holzmann, President, CGI-Americas